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Weekly Update

On Mondays, we keep you informed of where we are at what we'll do this week!

As you can see in the photo, I received a magic arm that I had ordered, to hang a camera or extra lighting just about anywhere. But more importantly, I printed the grant application form for the "Exploration and Digital Deployment" program of the Quebec Council for the Arts. So this week, on the menu:

  • Finish editing the presentation video that we finally finished shooting yesterday.

  • Start writing the grant application that could really help us start the project in a nice way.

  • Visit my friend and musician Simon Bellefleur, whom I will introduce to you shortly.

  • Finish editing the English version of the vlog that was released this morning. (Yes, we will try to translate as many publications as possible, to make the project accessible to all our friends around the world.)

  • Upload our presentation video and announce the project more widely.

  • Prepare our very first LIVE which will take place this Friday, July 16, from 5:30 pm, Montreal time (11:30 pm in Europe)! You will be able to access the LIVE via the website and we will remind you of all this later, with more details.

  • Plug the holes in the walls of the apartment and start repainting it. (That's not related to the project, but it's going to take time!)

There you go! I wish you all a great week, and see you soon!


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André Cotte
André Cotte
Jul 13, 2021

Les francophones ont-ils recevoir également tous les courriels en anglais. Où peut-on sélectionner la version que l'on recevra.

Jul 13, 2021
Replying to

Tu as reçu un courriel pour cette publication?

Tu peux peut-être regarder sur la page « notifications » de ton profil?

Je vais regarder de mon côté ce que je peux faire.

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