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Home theater

Notre Cinéma Maison began when we transformed our apartment into a cinema for the Journées de la culture in 2013. Since then, our place of life has also continued to be our place of creation.

Notre Cinéma Maison was born from the desire to continue to create and to reach out to our audience, while taking care of our young family. Our daughters' early childhoods kept us at home, for all the right reasons, so we simply decided to continue our lives as home filmmakers!

From 2005 to 2015, Nastia literally shot three short films directly at home, while Jericho helped out with editing or camera work. In 2013, for the Journées de la culture (a Montreal arts festival), we decided to transform the apartment into a cinema venue, and show two short film programs that mixed our films. For three days, our two improvised screening rooms welcomed more than 150 spectators and this intimate meet up with the public delighted us.

You could say that we are filmmakers with somewhat atypical backgrounds. In 1999, Jericho was among the co-founders of the Kino movement, an association of filmmakers that today numbers more than 70 groups in as many cities across the five continents. In 2000, Nastia, who was working on a video report on Quebec cinema for a Russian university, fell in love with Kino. She succeeded in bringing the group to Europe and Russia, for an in situ creation tour organized in collaboration with film festivals and local creators. Since then, and for more than 20 years, we have been creating films using DIY techniques, in every type of condition and in all countries. We have had the pleasure to collaborate with artists and actors from all walks of life and multiple cultures.

It is therefore with the same spirit of discovery, reunion and adventure that we are creating our brand new project: Zeitgeist. The cinema that we like is a spontaneous cinema, raw and vibrant, a cinema that brings people together and lets us explore life through the eyes of the other.

We hope you will join us in exploring the Zeitgeist of this incredible and crazy world.

Screening no.4 of Notre Cinéma Maison in September 2013.
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