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Our plans for the autumn

We started work on two film ideas: The Violinist in the Subway and Shared Custody. To make the progress of the work easier for you to follow, we've created two blog categories, one for each of the movies.

We will do the same for future scripts and shootings. Also, we've added tags (which appear at the end of posts, above the comments) to indicate which stage of the creative work the post belongs to.

Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the category to easily have access to all the publications of a particular film, and you will be able to click on a label to have direct access to all publications related to writing, or location scouting, or shooting. Convenient to quickly go to the content that interests you!

In the new features category, we must also mention the activation of member chat.

We have enabled this feature, which allows you to open the small chat bubble (which floats in the lower right corner) and chat with other members of the site.

When you open the bubble, you will see the list of your past discussions, and the phrase "Questions?" to contact Notre Cinéma Maison directly. By clicking on "New chat", you will have the opportunity to choose members of the site to write to directly.

This feature will make it easier to share thoughts and keep in touch, and also keep track of our private interactions.

Now, what should you expect this fall? What are our creative priorities? What will happen on the site between now and Christmas?

In a nutshell, we are both working to build the financial reserves that will allow us to shoot next year. We will continue to write our films part time and share with you the progress of this work. If all goes well, we should have scenarios to fund by December! The goal is to shoot our first two films in March 2022.

Before we go, we must warmly thank two new accelerators of the project: Yannick and Mélissandre. A huge thank you for your support!


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