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Every week we will update you on the progress of the project via our logbook, either on video or in writing. Today, I'm doing the logbook, but Nastia and I will alternate in future weeks.

As I mention in the attached video, the seven or eight major themes of the Zeitgeist project emerged from our live working session on September 18. During this Zeitgeist Live session, we shared our thoughts on these themes, as well as the first film ideas that it gave rise to. I invite you to watch the live in VOD, or listen to it as a podcast, to dive with us in the Zeitgeist! And if this listening gives you the desire to react, do not hesitate! Whether in the comments on YouTube, or here, or even in our forum, it's all good!

Also in the attached video, I describe one of my film ideas, and I ask you a question to help me enrich this little idea to give it the thickness of a real film. I need to know who this violinist is!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the contributions of few of our members and accelerators in the forum. You can find some super interesting contributions from Luc, Suzanne (in the comments) and Laurence.

In the next two weeks, I will be filming on the eastern seaboard of Canada, for a TV series that I am directing. I will take the gimbal with me and I will try to shoot some small videos, for our accelerators.

Thanks again for supporting this crazy project, and see you soon!

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