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Interview with Bill

As you know, we here at Notre Cinéma Maison have been quite troubled by the Russian onslaught in Ukraine. It has shaken us and made us realize that the forces of regression are in motion, and that we can't stay idle any longer.

That is why since the war started, we have been reading and researching quite intensely, with the hope that this effort would bring some modicum of comprehension about the war, its causes and its possible outcomes.

In this video, we reached out to the father of one of our daughter's friends, William Ference, an ex-soldier of the U.S. Army that was deployed during the first Gulf War, amongst other assignments. Bill generously shared his ideas on military life , on war, the geopolitics of our times, and on what he thinks is to come.

As the challenges of our times become clearer and larger, we think that reaching out to fellow humans is of the outmost importance, if we hope to push back against the rise of fear and hate in our communities. But we shall come back to that at a later date. For now, we hope that you enjoy this candid interview about a grim subject.


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