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Finishing the brainstorm

You may be on vacation, or if not, you're enjoying summer as much as you can, and it's perfect!

As of August 30th, we are resuming work on Zeitgeist! The short-term goal will be to complete the brainstorm and fill this sheet to the brim with words and phrases that describe the spirit of our time.

Until then, feel free to comment with other ideas and thoughts! And if you have any information, images, links or inspiring music to share, post it all in the forum, under the right category.

Once the brainstorm is over, we will start imagining stories, characters... movies!

If all goes well, we would like to find our 5 film subjects for the Montreal cycle before the Christmas holidays. With possibly synopses as well. Maybe even a first draft or two? Why so much time? Well this fall, Nastia and I have a lot of professional work on the schedule and it is this money that will allow me to devote myself to Zeitgeist full-time this winter.

To help you stir the idea pot, here are some questions to get your brain going.


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