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Film no.9 BELLE À VOIR

(Unfortunately, our video presentations are only in French at the moment.)

As the ninth film in the series of ten films that we are presenting to you this summer, Jericho chose Belle à voir, a film written and directed with the help of a group of actresses, during the Kino Kabaret held in Bordeaux in 2013. Thanks to Kino Sessions, the Bordeaux cell of the Kino movement, for a remarkable welcome and an incredible kabaret.

Belle à voir is a surreal fable that takes us to a shop where redoing your look is a rather radical activity. The dialogues were improvised by the actresses and I salute the way in which they interpreted the concept of the film. They went all in, and the film benefits enormously from it.


Maguelone Caporal:

Isabelle Montoya:

Nolwenn Daste:

Marie Viard:

Karla Hospodarska:

Johanna Robert-Buetas:

Pélagie Papillon:

Lydie Luc:

To see the film, head to FILMS.

You will find a version of the film with english subtitles (even if my presentations don't have them, unfortunately).


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