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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

(Unfortunately, our video presentations are only in French at the moment.)

As the eighth film in the series of ten films we are presenting to you this summer, Jericho has chosen Full Time, a film starring Martin Laroche and Isabelle A. Dupont.

Full Time was produced and directed by Jericho with the invaluable help of a motivated team that worked hard. Many thanks to Karine Dubois, Sinan Saber, Philippe Roy, Thomas Sicotte and all the others. The film tells the story of a life coach whose dream is to maximize his daily life to get the best out of life. With the proliferation of books of life advice and "life hacks", the subject remains relevant even today.


Martin Laroche:

Isabelle A. Dupont:

Karine Dubois est aujourd’hui productrice, on la trouve ici:

Sinan Saber était mon premier assistant-réalisateur, poste qu’il occupe encore aujourd’hui:

Philippe Roy:

Thomas Sicotte:

To see the film, head to FILMS.
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