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Film no.6 DUO

As the sixth film in the series of ten films we are presenting to you this summer, Jericho chose Duo, a film made in 2003 at the Festival du nouveau cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal (now simply called: Festival du nouveau cinéma), as part of the Kino Kabaret d'automne organized by Kino.

Duo stars Sophie Cadieux and Guillaume Chouinard who each play two roles in this urban fable framed by Rafaël Ouellet. The Dubuc suit worn by Guillaume is courtesy of Patrick Masbourian. Thank you Patrick!


Sophie Cadieux:

Guillaume Chouinard:

Pour découvrir le travail de James Duhamel qui a fait la musique du film:

Pour découvrir le travail de Rafaël Ouellet qui a cadré le film:

To see the film, head to FILMS.

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