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Enter the kino world

Side-by-side with the Zeitgeist project, I am also involved in another endeavour: writing a book that will tell the beginnings of the Kino movement, which I cofounded in 1999.

The book will have to be ready for the 25th anniversary of the movement, which will be celebrated in February 2024. It gives me some time. That's why I decided to conduct interviews with Kino cell organizers from all over the world in preparation for the writing of the book.

These interviews will also give us a better idea of the magnitude of this movement since its birth.

This video is the first of a series.

We meet Lukas Scheper, from Hamburg, whose Kino cell was founded after a Quebec delegation visited the Kurtzfilm Festival in 2002. HamburgerKino is therefore one of the oldest Kino cells in the world.

Happy viewing!


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