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The site is ready!

Our presentation video of the project is online! The English version too! What this means is that you can start blithely sharing with friends and colleagues who might be interested in the project.

As usual, I summarize here our plans for the week.

  • Until the end of the summer, we will publish two films a week from our respective filmographies and we will add a brief video presentation (in French only, sorry) to contextualize the films. It starts today, with the film Scream, by Jericho which will be followed by the film Ophélie, by Nastia.

  • The other big issue this week will be the grant application for the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. This is absolutely the hot topic, to be finished before we can really say we're on vacation.

Regarding the YouTube channel:
  • The channel is essential to make the project known more widely, as the months go by. And you can go a long way in helping us to make it thrive.

  • With 1000 subscribers on the channel, we become "partners" of YouTube and this opens up more possibilities for us in terms of managing the channel, and possibly monetizing it.

  • With 1000 subscribers, the algorithm will also begin to offer our content to Internet users in a more regular and sustained way. So this famous number 1000 is very important for us.

  • In the same way, the "Likes" on each video notify the algorithm that the video deserves to be seen. So when you like content on YouTube, clicking "Subscribe" and "Like" is a nice way to support the channel.

Lastly, the Zeitgeist project is at the stage of ideation and conceptualization. We will pick up the brainstorm after the summer, in late August.

We are still at that stage. We want to fill out the brainstorm sheet of ideas and opinions about what the Zeitgeist means to each of us. If you have any new ideas, keep commenting. For more elaborate ideas, do not hesitate to post in the forum, in the category Chercher le Zeitgeist.


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