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A Word of Intro

If this is your first visit to the site, here are the essential things to know:

  • Notre Cinéma Maison is Nastia and Jericho's cinematographic workshop.

  • Nastia and Jericho have been filmmakers since 1999 and are currently working on the participative cinema project Zeitgeist.

  • For this project, they will write and direct short fiction films in collaboration with you, the audience.

  • The goal is to put our life experiences and knowledge together to explore the Zeitgeist of our time and create films that will express its essence.

  • The first 5 films will be produced in 2022 and will form what we will call the Cycle de Montréal.

  • Now click on SEE THE PITCH, and we'll explain the project to you in person..


The easiest way to get in touch with us, ask your questions and participate in the project, is by tuning to our LIVE sessions on our YouTube channel.

Typically, we will do one LIVE session per week or every two weeks or so. The LIVE sessions are always created in advance on the channel and will be announced a few days before airing on our social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

To share and discuss with us on the site, you must first become a member. This is what guarantees us that the site will remain a friendly and welcoming place, and not be polluted by trolls, robots and other internet horrors.

To become a member, it's very simple. Click PARTICIPATE and choose a plan. The Je suis curieux plan is free. Your involvement in the project is valuable to us, because the more we are a group of humans from all walks of life and numerous, the more we can really feel the pulse of the Zeitgeist.

Once a member, you will have access to the FILMS section and you will be able to communicate with us using:

  • The BLOG (via comments)

  • The FORUM (where everyone can post)

  • The DISCORD server (to chat)


You can access the channel here. The YouTube channel is our public showcase. It is essential to make the project known to as many people as possible. Subscribe and Like the videos, as this activates the algorithm and ensures that the videos will appear in the suggestions of more visitors.

The content published on the YouTube channel will always also be published on the website Again, by subscribing to the site, you won't miss any vlog or live video content. The films, meanwhile, will only be available to our subscribers, on


We will solicit you regularly via the blog, with questions, polls and queries specific to the films in development. Many of these calls to action will also be published on our social media accounts, to grow our community. We will moderate the exchanges and keep you informed of the creative objectives we are aiming for.

This being said, the forum is the perfect place to publish your ideas, share your inspirations and references, knowing that this pool of material and information will always remain accessible and could be useful to your projects as well!


We have created different subscription levels to allow you to financially support the project if you wish to, while also giving maximum access and content to all plans. The idea is to get everyone in on the action, but having good perks for our paying supporters.

The goal is both to create a community around the project as well as to finance the work necessary to create the content on the site and to share with you as much of the cinematographic creation experience as we can.

The I'm Curious and I Support levels give access to 90% of the site's content, but the I Accelerate and Propulsor levels will get more vlog videos, live videos, and other personalized content. These are also the only levels that give access to the entire research catalog (photos, interviews, extras).


The films that will be produced as part of the Zeitgeist project will first be shown at a virtual premiere for our paying members. They will then be available on VOD (at a low price) for other participants. Accelerators and Propulsors will also have access to the downloadable 4K Surround 5.1 version, for maximum viewing quality. All information on how to access the films will be published on the site, in due course.


We promote our posts on our Instagram, Twitter and our Facebook page. Subscribe to your favorite network, and feel free to share and like our posts. This will be of great help to us!


The site exists in standard and mobile versions. But there is also a mobile application designed by Wix (our provider for the site). The free app is called SPACES by Wix and is available from the Apple and Android stores.

When you subscribe to one of the plans (Curious, Supporter, Accelerator or Propulsor), you will receive an invitation code which will allow you to connect to the site via this application. The app isn't at all essential, but some may prefer it to connect with our content.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!


As you can imagine, the Zeitgeist project is not our main breadwinner, at least for the moment. We will always keep you informed of what we are up to, how the project is advancing, the short-term steps we are tackling as well as the questions we have that you may have the answer to.

We will grow the project over months and years, rather than days or weeks. It's a marathon, not a sprint. We will also keep you informed of the time we have to allocate to the project, each week and each month. That way you will always know what to expect from us.

Your support can make the difference and allow us to devote more and more of our time to Zeitgeist. And the more of you there will be, the faster we will go!

Thank you for tuning in on Notre Cinéma Maison and thank you for entering the Zeitgeist with us!


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