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A Conversation FROM TBILISI

A month after the start of the war in Ukraine, tens of thousands of Russians fled the country. It seems that about thirty thousand Russian citizens have found refuge in Georgia, fearing the general mobilization.

Following the sanctions, the European Union, Canada, the United States and several other countries have banned Russian civil aviation from their airspace. In response to the sanctions, Russia closed its skies to 36 countries. In just a few days, buying a ticket to leave the country in any direction has become a challenge. Achiles (fake name) is a director of photography and cameraman from Moscow who made the decision to flee the regime. In Tbilisi since March 11, 2022, he shares an apartment with a Belarusian friend and her dog (you will hear its voice a few times). Achiles shares his photos of the city and his impressions in a short interview.

At the behest of Achilles' mother, we removed the interview.


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