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We want to film the Zeitgeist and to do so, we need to explore it through the experiences of our contemporaries. We need to hear your stories, your ideas, your hunches about the world. We need your ties to the country and its people.

In exchange, we will bring you in our suitcases. You will have a front row seat at all stages of the creation. Whether you are movie buffs, aspiring filmmakers, or just curious about how a movie is made, you've come to the right place.

We use three main tools to communicate with you: the blog, the member forum, and the Discord server.

The objective is to create a body of ideas, characters, stories and life stories from which the film ideas will emerge. The fruit of our collective work will be made available to all participants in the project. If it can serve as a source of inspiration for your personal projects, or vacation destinations, so much the better!



Once the film ideas are chosen, we will start to work on them by conducting some research in the field. Photos, videos, interviews with people from the target community, everything will be shared with you!

Throughout the project, we will go out to meet the world and its people, and we will take you with us.


Once we've filled our heads with real experiences, we will be ready to write the screenplays. Each film will be written by Nastia or Jericho. We will take turns as authors of the films of the Zeitgeist project.

When it will be appropriate, we will solicit your impressions and comments on each script. We will also test the texts by organizing readings with the actors, which we will film and share with you.


Before filming, there is location scouting, casting, artistic design, camera testing, among others. We will share with you the highlights of each step.


We will also need to solve all kinds of problems and we will not hesitate to ask for your help! If you really want to get involved, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.


Once we start shooting, our daughters, Alix and Vassia, will become your guides and spies on set. You can expect several short live videos with the crew and comedians, as well as set photos and short blog posts.


After filming comes editing, music, mixing and finishing. We will share the key moments of these stages, and will occasionally organize live video chats from the editing room, the mixing studio or during music recording sessions. And once the film is ready, we broadcast!

Accelerators and turbochargers of the project will be invited to discover the film in our company during a virtual preview. The film will also be shown in the website's virtual room, where you will also be able to watch several films as a longer sitting. Also, when the sanitary conditions allow it, we will organize previews in person… to be continued!


It is by accumulation that this participative cinema experience will reveal its full potential. The more films there are, the more the Zeitgeist will appear on the screen. The fresco that we are creating together will truly be the result of all our interactions and contributions. We don't know what the final result will look like, and we are excited to discover it with you!


In 2021 and 2022, we will work on the Cycle de Montréal, which will include 5 films shot in the greater Montreal region, Laval and the South Shore.


If the experience is conclusive and the support sufficient, we wish to bring the exploration of the Zeitgeist well beyond the borders of Quebec and Canada. It isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.


And that's why we hope you will be with us for a long time.


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