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Last film of the summer DIVINITÀ

(Unfortunately, our video presentations are only in French at the moment.)

The last film of the summer! To end on a spiritual and meditative note, Anastasia introduces you to Divinità.

Divinità! A spiritual experience born of an association of ideas - a curly wick by Claudia Hurtubise that reminded me of the black twisty telephone cords of the old days. A shoot with us on a winter day ... The angelic Isabelle A. Dupont who spends all day rolling under the sheets! Claudia who had to wait in a cafe next door between takes because of her cat allergy ... and we had two at the time. Sylvie Desmarais brought her leaf blower to create some very successful effects. Result: we shot the scenes in an infernal noise! But not a trace of that in the inspired soundtrack, composed by André Ouellet!

To watch the film, go to FILMS.

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